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The Ultimate Tube Scarf

This scarf is fuzzy, cozy, soft and luscious. It is amazingly warm and versatile and very light weight. You can wear it as a long scarf or wrap it several times making it shorter and even warmer. You can also wear it as a cowl or hoodie as it stretches to fit over your head comfortably. This scarf is so versatile and durable that you can cut it easily if you want to make it permanently shorter. Whenever I wear this, people stop me and ask me about it. They are amazed at how it feels and wears, and insist that they have to have one. You have to try it to experience it!

$75.00 $25.00

Size    Care
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Sizing Information

  • Urban Knitta’s Tube Scarf will stretch to fit any size. You can always stretch it back to it's original size.
  • The yarn and construction are fairly durable. You can stretch it out so that it long and thin, or pull on it sideways and make it wider and shorter.
  • Feel free to pull it over your head to wear it as a cowl or pull it over your head and turn it into a hoodie. When you are ready, pull on it lengthwise and it will go back to it's natural shape and size.

Care Instructions


The Silk/Mohair blend used in the Ultimate Tube Scarf is of the highest quality, custom made for Urban Knitta. It is a Silk & Mohair blend that doesn’t shed, and is incredibly soft and fuzzy.

Your new Urban Knitta Products will 'bloom’ and soften over time. Each item will get softer, fuller, and fuzzier with time and use

Another way to get your Scarf to 'bloom' and soften is to wear the product in side-out a few times.
The warmth of your body will enhance the yarn and soften it.
The more you wear it and the more you wash it, the softer it gets.


Your new scarf may seem 'itchy' or ‘scratchy’ at first.
Soak it in tepid water for at least 24 hours.
Remove from water and roll it in a towel several times.
Do not wring it out or twist it
Lay it flat or hang it over a bar to dry. It will dry quickly.

The more you wear it, and the more you wash it, the softer, fuzzier, and fuller it gets. It is very flexible, you can stretch it in any direction and the shape and size will adjust back to it’s original size.

If it is too long for you, you can cut it very carefully with a sharp scissors.
The edges will be 'ragged' at first, but it will soften and the ragged edges will drop off

All products get softer with washing, soaking, & wearing
I recommend this product: http://www.soakwash.com/soak/soak-scentless-14oz.html
*One bottle lasts a very long time

The 'Urban Knitta'