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Leg Warmers

Decadent, luxurious, warm, sexy, practical, wild, and fun is how I describe these 100% custom cashmere thigh high leg warmers. They can be pulled up high to keep you warm in a mini skirt, worn over your boots for extra style, or scrunched down low around your ankles. You can cuff them, or wear them straight. When people see mine, they always want two pairs, one for themselves and one for their sister, mother, daughter or friend. They usually say, 'I hear that leg warmers are coming back in style'. HA! As far as I am concerned, they never went out of style! They look great with jeans, dress pants, yoga pants, skirts, shorts, or dresses. I love wearing short dresses in the winter; with my thigh highs I am always warm and stylin'.

$135.00 $67.50

Size    Care
Online checkout is currently not available. To purchase, please let us know which items you want via our Contact Form or call us at the phone number in the footer below.

Sizing Information

  • Urban Knitta’s custom products will shape and form to the perfect fit for your body the more you wear them.
  • Some of the items may fit tightly at first, this is normal. The more you wear them the quicker they will adapt to your body.
  • Your items will shrink back close to their original size when washed if you follow the product care instructions regularly.
  • Do not let someone with larger hands or legs wear your products, this will stretch them. If someone larger tries them on, you will likely be able to get them back to their original size and shape by following the care instructions. However, if someone larger wears them several times, they may not return to their original size.

Care Instructions


All Cashmere Products are 100% Natural Cashmere of the highest quality, custom made for Urban Knitta, and is imported from Mongolia which some of the world’s best Cashmere is produced.

Your new Urban Knitta Products will 'bloom and soften over time. Each item will get softer, fuller, and fuzzier with time and use

Another way to get your cashmere to 'bloom' and soften is to wear the product in-side-out a few times.
The warmth of your body will enhance the yarn and soften it.
The more you wear it and the more you wash it, the softer it gets.

It will shape and form to the perfect fit for your body.
Do not let someone with larger hands or legs wear it, this will stretch it out.
It may fit tightly at first, this is normal, it will stretch and conform to your body.

Taking good care of your custom Urban Knitta products will ensure that they last a lifetime!


Use only very mild or delicate hand washing soaps
Soak in tepid water (12-24 hours)
Remove from water and roll it in a towel several times.
Do not wring it out or twist it

Lay the item flat to dry
When you lay it out, shape it to it's smallest size.
Do not stretch it!
It is a great idea to dry your cashmere under a hot lamp, or use a fan to blow it dry; this will help it to dry faster (about 24 hours): Normally, it can take 48 hours or more.

When the product is almost dry, you can turn it over, and/or turn the item inside out, but be careful not to stretch it. Remember: when you lay it out, shape it to it's smallest size.

All products get softer with washing, soaking, & wearing
I recommend this product: http://www.soakwash.com/soak/soak-scentless-14oz.html
*One bottle lasts a very long time

The 'Urban Knitta'